• What’s so funny ‘bout
    peace, love and understanding?
    – Elvis Costello

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Is your life being hijacked by depression or anxiety? Does it feel like your life is passing you by and you're not able live it to it's fullest? Do you long to be comfortable in your own skin? Are the regrets of the past and worries of the future keeping you stuck from experiencing peace and hope throughout your day? Is COVID-19 increasing your symptoms? I help people just like you who struggle with depression and anxiety live more confident, meaningful and fulfilling lives. I can help you too.

“Helping people who suffer from depression and anxiety live more confident, meaningful and fulfilling lives.”

Do you experience:

  • Being crippled by depression and anxiety
  • Wishing you were anybody else besides yourself
  • Regret about the past and fear about the future

Would you like to experience…?

  • Freedom to live your life
  • Acceptance for who you are, flaws and all
  • Peace, hope and purpose

Everyday I help people who feel like their lives have been robbed by depression or anxiety experience a life that they never knew was possible, a life filled with peace, hope and purpose. It's really possible to experience healing from depression and anxiety and I can help you get there.

We all need help at times in our lives and when depression and anxiety are present it's even more important to reach out and get help. If you'd like to begin a life changing process of getting your life back contact me today!

Mark R. LaFleur

Depression, Anxiety & Self-talk Specialist

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in depression, anxiety, self-talk and am EMDR trained. I can help you discover the reasons why you suffer from depression and anxiety but more importantly help you to use this information to grow, change and heal.

My expertise comes from years of professional and personal experience so I have an intimate understanding of depression and anxiety. Through my training and my own personal growth I’ve learned how to help people live more confident, meaningful and fulfilling lives.


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